Promoting THEMEDNEW brand in a big trade show

(Athens 2022, January 28-31)


THEMEDNEW: A New Brand for Sustainable Fashion

More than 20 textile and fashion companies from 7 Mediterranean countries (Palestine, Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia) gathered in Amman to showcase the new sustainable Mediterranean fashion represented by TheMedNew brand.

This video is a summary of the activities, visits and exchange of ideas that took place on 15 and 16 June in Jordan. Don’t miss it!

Testimonial of a grant winner: Júlia G.Escribà

Júlia G. Escribà is a fashion designer from Barcelona. Her company is one of the winners of the grants offered by the EU-funded TEX-MED ALLIANCES project.

In this video, Júlia tells her story, her concerns, and her participation in the creation of the TheMedNew platform. Watch it!

Presentation of THEMEDNEW in Athens Fashion Trade Show

From January 28 to 31, representative clothes of THEMEDNEW members were presented in ATHENS FASHION TRADE SHOW.

The brand THEMEDNEW was created under the project TEX-MED ALLIANCES and it’s the first time that the collection has been displayed in a trade fair in the Greek market.

Seminar and Business meetings on "Mediterranean fashion styles"

Is it possible to have a Mediterranean fashion style? This is the question we tried to answer at the Seminar and Business Meeting organized by the EU-funded TEX-MED ALLIANCES project. The event took place in Alexandria (Egypt) on 1 December 2021. Fashion experts, designers, and textile industry entrepreneurs from 7 countries dedicated one day to find the answer. The results? You can watch on this video.

TEX-MED ALLIANCES presents TheMedNew

TheMedNew is a fashion brand but also, a new business opportunity for the textile industry of the Mediterranean basin. Together, we are creating a unique concept by embracing and absorbing all the cultures, experiences, and perspectives to come up with a new Mediterranean Fashion Identity.