Axel is a Greek fashion company with a leading role in the global retail and wholesale market of women’s bags, clothes, shoes and accessories. Axel’s long journey in the world of fashion began in 1999 with Thessaloniki as its point of departure and the whole world as its destination.

Its extraversion is the foundation of its business practice. With a steady international presence and growth and through its participation in all major international fairs, Axel has acquired an important role in women’s retail and wholesale clothes, bags, shoes and accessories global market. At the same time, it has managed to build a solid, trustable relationship with the Greek, female public.

With 13 mono brand stores and hundreds of business partners, Axel is a reference point for every dynamic, elegant and dashing woman all over the world.


Fashion’s and technology’s global trends, participation in all major trade fairs as well as the bright Mediterranean light are the sources of inspiration for the design of imaginative collection of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Inspired by the latest trends in arts and fashion worldwide, Axel offers chic and affordable total look suggestions to suit every occasion for women of all generations and little girls 3-12 years old. The collections are well structured, complete and flexible in order to provide the opportunity of endless combinations for every woman who wants to feel feminine and charming every second of the day.

Contact info

Monastiriou, 124B, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: 00302310520050