Coccadoro is a fashion accessories brand for the people and the home, and It is an all-female project.
It is a sustainable, supportive, and Sicilian brand that donates part of the profits to social projects. Its project called Pensiero Libero supports the Association Parco Libero for the redevelopment of an area on the south coast of Palermo, used in the past by the mafia.


Bags, clutches, necklaces, and pillow covers. All these Coccadoro products are born and are handmade in Sicily, and they are sustainable: Coccadoro uses raw materials that are stock or discard from the production chain. They are limited quantities of quality and precious fabrics, so all productions are “capsule-collections” and all the Coccadoro’s models are limited edition.

Contact info

Largo Primavera 10a, 90143, Palermo.
Tel: +39 375 5050696