Jabra Khoury is a Palestinian fashion designer born in Bethlehem in 1994. Jabra was born with a special talent and has shown interest in fashion design since his early childhood. He started drawing designs for dresses since he was 6 years old.

Jabra won his first online fashion competition design when he was only 17 years old. The competition was announced by ESMOD- Dubai. ESMOD is the International Fashion Design and Business School which has branches in several countries. He competed with designers from all over the world and won a scholarship to attend a training course in fashion design in ESMOD- Dubai. Jabra was on the spectrum to decide that he needed to direct his passion and take his talent a step further and turn it into a real career. Therefore, he moved to Tunis for fashion design courses in ESMOD Tunis.

After refining his fashion design talent in Tunis, he moved to Amman and earned a BA in interior design from Alahliyya Amman University. The knowledge he gained from studying interior design and the focus on the integration and mixing of colors reinforced his design concepts in various forms and helped him to sharpen his talent for design.

During his years of study at this university, he continued to design very special and unique pieces to some people upon special request. He also made sure not to miss any opportunity to attend fashion shows all over the world. Moreover, Jabra has worked as a fashion stylist, and he is also a professional makeup and hair stylist.

Jabra has a strong aspiration to become a remarkable international fashion designer, and become an idol in the field of fashion design.


Jabra has a taste in fashion design for simple yet sophisticated pieces. He puts a lot of effort on the finish and focuses on the details for a perfect output.

Contact info

Tel: +972595363221