Fashion designer Konstantinos Tsigaros created the K7 Konstantinos Tsigaros, a new collection of clothes of expressive and timeless simplicity mainly with gender neutral fashion clothes with a charming personality and refined style.

The design and production of clothing is based on sustainability, emphasizing the protection of the environment, following the philosophy of “slow fashion” and conscious consumption. The design philosophy of the K7 Konstantinos Tsigaros collections, focuses on the creation of simple functional and timeless urban everyday clothes, designed and produced to last, combining fashion and sustainable lifestyle.

With the additional integration of virtual and augmented reality technology in the design process of the K7 Konstantinos Tsigaros collections, the energy footprint is reduced to a minimum, contributing to the protection of the environment. The K7 Konstantinos Tsigaros clothing collections are produced with certified fabrics according to processes that have a positive impact on environmental protection in terms of energy consumption, waste reduction, water consumption and carbon emissions for a cleaner planet and a brighter future.


Simple functional and timeless urban everyday clothes.

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Mitropoleos 37, Thessaloniki
Tel: 0030 2310 286 763