7 April 2022: THEMEDNEW at the 080 Barcelona Fashion

7 April 2022: THEMEDNEW at the 080 Barcelona Fashion

THEMEDNEW is growing, becoming more credible and successful as it brings its 20 member companies to the 080 Barcelona Fashion 2022!

“Slow-living in the Mediterranean” is the title and fil-rouge of the event: Slow fashion and sustainability are the core of THEMEDNEW, and of all the companies that make it every day stronger and stronger.

The event – in the frame of 2022 080 Barcelona Fashion week – will take place at the Francia Station, a wonderful location in the center of Barcelona. Tradition, style, and multiculturalism stem from this unique venue. Alliances between countries and cultures take time and need means of transport. The Francia Station is the embodiment of crossing and encounters between people from all over the Mediterranean, and the world as a whole of course. Ideal place for THEMEDNEW and its creator TEX-MED ALLIANCES!

Yet, sustainability also means rethinking the way we move, and the way we make people move. That is why we will have at our side ENI CBC MED funded project “Med Pearls”, and the Catalan Tourist Board on behalf of the Government of Catalonia. Our lead beneficiary TEXFOR has really outdone itself in preparing and organizing the event, and we are sincerely grateful to all our Catalan colleagues.

As more dialogue encourages more business, we strive to give the best to our company members, drawing the best version of them,  making them feel at ease presenting their garments and products, while letting them network with each other as well. Encouraging companies to be really Mediterranean, i.e. to do things together, in a spirit of solidarity and inclusive creativity is the very sense and mission of THEMEDNEW.

This and much more is going to happen on the 7th of April, at the 080 Barcelona Fashion! The event will start at 12 AM, and it will end at 5 PM, CET. Get your official invitation here:


Be awear! Wear THEMEDNEW!

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