The event at the Estació de França in Barcelona, entitled “Slow Living in the Mediterranean” has been a real success for THEMEDNEW. The European Commission-funded ENI CBC MED TEX-MED ALLIANCES initiative THEMEDNEW has finally managed to fulfill its main goal: reuniting brands from all the beneficiary countries:

ITALY was represented by Sartoria Maqueda (owned by Alice Salmeri), MV Marianna Vigneri, Coccadoro and Mollo Tutto.

SPAIN was represented by the initiator Júlia G. Escribà, Textil Ortiz, Sylvia Calvo, Hilaturas Jesus Rubio, and From the Med.

GREECE was represented by K7 Konstantinos Tsigaros, in the person of Nikos Tsigaros.

TUNISIA was represented by Maison Mahii, the creation of Ana Rocha

EGYPT was represented by J Linens, a new brand owned by the historic company Liberty Textile International

JORDAN was represented by Noorway, Shechocolate, and Al Burgan Handicrafts by Lina Burgan

PALESTINE was represented by Jabra Khouri, and Heidi Fashion.

Days of intense photo-shooting have taken place in Barcelona, and our consultants and experts have provided relentless technical support and assistance to THEMEDNEW member brands.

On the morning of 7 April, all the brands finally gathered all together at the Estació de França, with mannequins exposing their garments and products at the Estacio de Franca, exchanging views, opinions, and gifts with each other, giving life to what we THEMEDNEW call “The Mediterranean Identity”, as standing for “creating together” (see the Manifesto)

The great synergy between the new four Italian brands is an all-women success: Alice Salmieri of Sartoria Maqueda, MV Marianna Vigneri, Anna of Coccadoro, and Roberta Lo Jacono representing Mollo Tutto. Inclusive creativity, great attention to Mediterranean natural and human lifestyle, colors, and comfort: all those aspects and values promoted by THEMEDNEW were embodied also by Egyptian J LINENS and Greek K7 Konstantinos Tsigaros. A new project of cooperation between the two brands is coming soon!

During the event, promising friendships between Catalan, Spanish and Jordanian brands also were born, and great inspiration and satisfaction also came from our Tunisian member Maison Mahii, whose passionate spokesperson Ana Rocha is making a huge contribution to the re-discover and re-thinking of Tunisian traditional clothing and its inclusion in modern styles, patterns, and dress solutions.

The agenda of Slow Living in the Mediterranean was perfectly observed. The role of moderator was taken by the Media Expert of TEXFOR, Montserrat Pérez Creus. Following, an introduction by TEXFOR Director of Operations Mònica Olmos Plaza, presenting the main partners TEX-MED ALLIANCES and THEMEDNEW initiative. Also following interventions of 080 BCN Fashion Director, and Patrick Torrent of the Catalan Tourism Agency, (Generalitad de Cataluña). Furthermore, Senior Fashion International Marketing Expert Dr. Hani Mourad Hanna has presented THEMEDNEW, reading some key passages of our Manifesto, which constitutes the core of our Principles and Values, shared and promoted by all our members. To complete the discussion about a more human, more sustainable, and slower pattern of living, ENI CBC MED Med Pearls Project made a presentation about sustainable tourism.

Finally, the second part of the event gave space to all our brands for presenting themselves to the public, introducing their Mediterranean styles, and their unique approach toward a more sustainable lifestyle in the field of fashion and textile. A nice networking aperitivo followed, giving space for confrontation, dialogue, and mutual exchange between brands, people, and cultures. That is what THEMEDNEW is about. We grow up together, more consciously, for a better future, and a cleaner Mediterranean.

We’d love to thank our Partners and our wonderful members, who made THEMEDNEW come true.

Silvio Magnolo, PR & Networking Manager THEMEDNEW

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